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  1. The Supply Side: Suppliers near Wal-Mart 30% rule to see more pressure

    Wal-Mart CEO Doug McMillon’s renewed focus on the “every day low price” model and away from promotional pricing may result in pressure on large and small suppliers near the boundaries of Wal-Mart’s 30% rule, which is the limit of sales the retailer wants any one supplier to have within its stores.

  2. Woman-Owned Supplier Sells “Eco-Mop” at Walmart —

    Inventor Tanya Lewis developed a sustainable mopping system, which is now sold at Walmart stores:
  3. The Supply Side: Mom gets sustainable mop pad on Wal-Mart shelves

    Tanya Lewis, a work-from-home mom in Palm Harbor, Fla., put her ingenuity to work around eight years ago when she became obsessed with a more sustainable way to clean the floors upon which her toddler constantly crawled.
  4. Palm Harbor woman's eco-friendly mopping pad hits store shelves

    There is a greener way to clean and it's all thanks to a Palm Harbor mom's invention.
  5. Entrepreneurial moms unite in online forum

    Entrepreneurial moms unite in online forum

  6. Green Glider Mommy Inventor Tanya Lewis Looks to End the Disposable Trend and Signs

    Tanya Lewis of Palm Harbor, FL, is a single mom and the inventor of the Green Glider Mop Pad, a remarkable patented product that combines Microfiber to clean and Shammy to absorb now combined into one ultimate, hybrid cleaning product. Green Glider just signed with marketing company Wow! Is Me to increase reach into word of mouth mommy market.
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